About me

I'm a software developer focusing on web and mobile development. Originally, I worked with tools in the Microsoft stack but have been using Ruby on Rails since 2013. I've also been involved with front-end javascript starting with jQuery, then Spine, some Ember, and now React.

I'm a co-founder and CTO of PicassoMD. We're working to improve transition of care in the healthcare industry.


You can email me at sean@seancarpenter.net. I post on Twitter rather sporadically at @scarpenter. I also have a blog that I occasionally post to.


If you happen to have a Roku streaming player, I built an iPhone/iPad sleep timer you can use with it. Get Ro To Sleep here.

The company that I started with my wife released an iOS app. Easy Score Keeper is a score keeping app for use in board games, card games, or any game that has rounds and a score. It's focused on letting you enter your scores quickly and get back to playing your game. It's available on the App Store.