About me

I'm a software developer focusing on web and mobile development. Most of my professional experience involves tools in the Microsoft stack but I'm interested in other alternatives. It started by identifying with the characteristics of Alt.Net and has since grown to encompass other technology solutions. Lately, I've been interested in Ruby on the web (this page is built using Sinatra).


You can email me at sean@seancarpenter.net. I post on Twitter rather sporadically at @scarpenter (and now on App.net as well). I also have a blog that I'm trying to post to more often.


In order to learn Ruby on Rails, I built a website using it. markitfor.me is a bookmarking service that serves a need I had - the ability to find bookmarked pages via search. Try it out for yourself!

If you are involved with an organization and need to send timely announcements, check out Armadillo Group Text. This is a Rails app that uses Twilio to send text messages.

I've been playing around with iPhone development recently and built a pitch counting app for Little League games that includes a companion website for sharing the data. Check it out.

If you happen to have a Roku streaming player, I built an iPhone/iPad WiFi remote you can use with it. It's one of the few that has a native iPad version and correctly supports dictation in search fields. Get it here. Romote also includes a sleep timer that will stop playing a channel after a specified amount of time.

The company that I recently started with my wife just released its first iOS app. Easy Score Keeper is a score keeping app for use in board games, card games, or any game that has rounds and a score. It's focused on letting you enter your scores quickly and get back to playing your game. It's available on the App Store.